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Hello! As stated in the URL above, my name is Tyler Mason Moore and I'm currently a Creative Media Production (CMP) senior at the University of Oklahoma. While this major covers a variety of different areas in the TV/Film realm, the skills I've focused on involve creative writing. I stumbled upon CMP and found where my imagination could roam free. Since then, I've written several scripts; some of which I've actually produced & turned into short films. I want to continue my passion for writing and hopefully become a screenwriter. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave me any Q's as I'm sure I'll have some A's.


Short film & video samples


Script samples


Radio samples


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Video Reel 2020

Short documentary I filmed & edited for Routes TV's show: Oklahoma's Mental Health Battle. The documentary is about a couple diagnosed with two different types of bipolar disorder

Short film I wrote, filmed, directed & edited for class. Purely visual story about a girl in pursuit of her dream boy.

My most recent project. Written & directed by yours truly. Assignment was to analyze Douglas Rushkoff's book, Program or be Programmed.


Please send a message under the "Contact Me" section for requests to see full samples of my written work.


Audio sample from my live radio show, Theories & Mysteries, broadcasted on StudiOU. On air I'd discuss various conspiracy theories & unsolved mysteries.

Audio sample from my other live radio show, Moore On, also broadcasted on StudiOU. I'd talk about current events and different topics in pop culture.

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  • (405) 320-0754
  • tmoore@ou.edu

I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.